Why are moving truck rentals so expensive?

Brandon Porter is a 25-year-old architectural draftsman and a self-proclaimed handyman. He loves renovating houses and making them his own, either by fixing the pipes or painting the walls. Why are iPhones so expensive (11 reasons why) Why are protein bars so expensive (11 reasons why). It should be noted that one-way rentals are historically more expensive than round trip rentals.

But a U-Haul spokesman told Jalopnik that it is reasonable to conclude that there is a much higher demand for one-way equipment in the market, reflecting the higher costs of outings. The size of your moving truck affects the total cost. In general, the larger a truck, the more it costs. However, not all companies have the same truck sizes that we like to see at home.

While U-Haul technically offers more services than Penske, these additional services are more or less superfluous if all you want from your moving truck company is a reliable moving truck with coverage. The average cost is calculated by comparing rental costs plus fuel for a local 50-mile move where the moving truck is returned to the same location. However, we like that Penske includes truck-specific discounts on its site, because it allows customers to know what to order when renting their trucks. That said, both companies have basically the same range of truck sizes, with cargo vans at one end of each spectrum and 26-foot box trucks at the other.

U-Haul, Penske and Budget truck rental quotes consistently showed that leaving California cost thousands of dollars more than getting to the golden state. A 10′ U-Haul truck should reach around 7 to 10 mpg, although this can vary depending on the size of the truck you rent. Moving coverage is crucial when renting a truck because, contrary to popular belief, your personal car insurance policy won't always cover exceptionally large vehicles, such as moving trucks. In comparison, U-Haul discounts are much scarcer and it doesn't advertise specific discounts for truck rentals.

A local move is generally defined as any move less than 100 miles, but for moving truck rentals, it also means that you return your truck to the same location where you rented it. We collected about 30 quotes from both companies to calculate these costs, but there are many factors that can influence the rental price of your moving truck. Penske officials added that the higher demand and additional costs associated with that supply problem are shown in higher rates for rental trucks moving from cities like Fresno to Austin. You should use Budget Truck Rental if you're moving to the other side of town or don't have time to compare prices (it's the cheapest company overall).

Finally, renting a moving truck consumes space that could have been used by someone else, which means that everyone pays more for a limited number of trucks. The limited damage exemption covers damage to trucks and towing equipment, unless they have been used in a way that violates the rental agreement (for example, making donuts in an abandoned parking lot).