Who is the ceo of budget truck rental?

Budget Car Rental executive team; Joe Ferraro. PRESIDENT AND CEO; Brian Choi. CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER; Izzy Martins. Like other truck rental companies, Budget Truck sells moving supplies to customers to help people.

They have trucks that are 10 feet, 12 feet, 16 feet and 24 feet in length. In November 2002, Budget sold its truck and car business to Cherokee Acquisition Corporation, which is owned by Cendant Corporation. Budget Truck Rental has 5 executives. The current owner of Budget Truck Rental is Janeice Confer.

Budget also offers a full line of moving supplies to help truck rental customers before and during the move. Budget Truck Rental operates through a network of more than 1,600 corporate-owned offices and dealerships across the continental United States. Under the new agreement, some storage locations with additional space in the United States will have Budget rental trucks on site to meet customer storage and transportation needs. The first 700 newly designed Budget Truck Rental blue trucks leave the manufacturing floor.

Budget Truck Rental and Extra Space Storage come together to provide customers with greater convenience and reliability. You will not be able to escalate a customer complaint without an Avis or Budget case identification number or a Budget Truck Rental customer service situation number. Previously, Ferraro was senior vice president of operations for North America, where he oversaw all Avis and Budget car and truck rental operations in the United States and Canada, including airports and local markets. Budget will allow customers to purchase additional days or miles by contacting the Budget Truck Rental pick-up point directly on the thank you page.

In the 2000 United States presidential election, a Budget Truck Rental vehicle was used to deliver ballots from Palm Beach, Florida, to Tallahassee, Florida.