What is enterprise truck rental?

Enterprise Truck Rental offers full-service fleet solutions, from vehicle telematics to fuel programs, truck supplies, total hazard protection and more. This places Enterprise rates at the higher end of the average, although truck rental prices can vary greatly depending on location and moving date. In addition, its huge variety of truck sizes makes it the perfect place to find the ideal truck size for your local move. With more than 430 locations in North America, Enterprise Truck Rental offers the same recognized, high-level service level as Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Unlike any other moving truck rental company, except Home Depot, Enterprise doesn't offer this coverage. If you plan to rent from Enterprise, but haven't booked your truck yet, make sure your local branch rents moving trucks. Despite its limited availability, above-average prices, and lack of cargo coverage, Enterprise's high customer ratings make it a solid choice for local moving truck rentals. Cargo cover is a type of moving cover that protects your personal belongings while they are in your rented van.

Enterprise Truck Rental, an Enterprise Rent-A-Car service, rents commercial-grade vans and vans to consumers and businesses in need of replacement, temporary or supplemental transportation. If you have an Enterprise Truck Rental location near you, this limited availability isn't really a problem.