Should i get truck rental coverage?

Usually, neither car insurance policies nor credit cards cover the rental of If you use a rental truck to move, we recommend that you purchase additional insurance through your truck rental company. Buying coverage from your truck rental company will give you the protection and peace of mind you need when you move. The last thing you want is to hit or get hit while you move. It depends on the truck rental company, but whether or not they force you to buy rental insurance, you should definitely do it.

U-Haul offers customers the option to purchase car insurance in the event that you damage the rental truck while driving it. Finding out if you need insurance can be tricky, but it doesn't cost much as long as you move everything in one day. Whether your policy has truck rental coverage or not, you should consider getting supplemental insurance. Truck rental agencies sell specific policies.

Most truck rental companies offer coverage options to ensure your peace of mind, and most are available on an individual basis. U-Haul, the moving truck rental company, estimates that nearly 45% of all moves occur between Memorial Day U-Haul says most auto insurance companies don't cover their rental trucks because of their gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 9,000 pounds or more. Finally, the truck rental company can offer you medical coverage that will pay for the medical expenses you incur as a result of an accident. One way to think about this is to understand that truck rental coverage itself is technically not insurance, but an exemption.

The damage waiver, if you choose to purchase it, will free you from any damage to the truck during the rental period, whether it is considered your fault or not. The personal finance website also notes that “the rental benefits offered by Visa exclude all trucks and vans that can accommodate more than eight people. Even if you have some coverage under your auto insurance policy, you should understand how the moving truck rental company handles accidents. If you want to buy several types of truck rental insurance options, you can purchase one of Budget's protection packages.

That means that renting a truck is probably not currently covered by your specific car insurance policy. The four main types of truck rental insurance include damage waivers, supplemental liability insurance, personal accident protection, and car loading and towing protection. Even if your policy covers some car or truck rentals, there may be exclusions depending on the size or weight of the truck. Typically, your moving truck rental agreement or contract will include your state's minimum liability coverage, which is usually quite low, and that's all.

So, if you move and don't use your own vehicle to transport the contents of your home, do you need additional insurance? Does your current car policy cover a rented truck?.