How many miles per gallon does a 16ft box truck get?

Keep in mind that these gas consumption rates are accurate for ideal driving circumstances. Factors such as additional weight, uneven terrain, and aerodynamic attachments could affect or improve the efficiency of moving trucks with the best miles per gallon. One way to look at it is to keep in mind that the average MPG ratings for trucks are 14 on city streets and 19 on highways. So 16 is a great place.

A truck with a mileage of 16 MPG is a good truck. All trucks in Budget fleets are labeled to indicate the appropriate type of fuel they should use. You can call any of the closest location. How many miles will you travel in your movement? The best thing to do here is a good estimate.

The weight of your load, the number of times you make stops, or the fact that you have to deviate will vary your mileage. Add at least 50 miles to your estimate. With 658 cubic feet of transport space and a maximum load of 4,460 pounds, our 16-foot rental truck is ideal for moving a one-bedroom house or small apartment. 16-foot rental trucks are also great if you're a small business looking to relocate your office.

This fuel economy is quite normal, but it's absolutely what you can expect from a box truck, especially if it's a previous generation box truck. Small and medium moving trucks have a 30 to 40 gallon tank, while larger trucks have a 50 to 60 gallon tank. The size of the truck, road conditions, driving habits and the weight of the load will influence the number of miles per gallon each Budget truck will travel. If you decide to refuel the truck on your own, you'll need to make sure the truck is returned with “the same level of fuel at which it was shipped,” according to U-Haul.

While refueling your rental truck can certainly add up, it's nothing compared to the price of hiring full-service removals. We'll also provide tips for driving and packing a truck, information on rental truck sizes, and answers to all your frequently asked questions. In the case of aerodynamic trucks, the truck body is built to deflect air around and over the truck. Refilling or filling the fuel tank of a commercial rental truck is much different than putting a few liters in your car.

While there is a manual way to determine how much fuel you will need to cover the moving distance, the functions of a gasoline calculator on almost every truck rental company website can be used more quickly and efficiently to get an average cost. You can find specific information about different sizes and types of fuel on your truck rental company's website. In addition to U-Haul, there are plenty of other moving truck rental companies to choose from when planning your next move. For example, small and medium-sized trucks, such as 10- and 16-foot box trucks, use regular fuel.

Below, we've rounded up the different U-Haul truck rental sizes with the estimated miles per gallon for each.