How many miles can a penske truck last?

These capacities, dimensions and mileage are approximate and may vary by manufacturer. MPG may vary based on load, terrain, and driving factors. After reaching 100,000 miles, light-duty vans generally have three to five years of optimal uptime, and medium-duty vans can be serviced over 300,000 to 350,000 miles. When it comes to a truck, you know that a truck that runs on a gasoline engine can travel up to approximately 155,000 miles, while a truck that runs on diesel can give you a mileage of 200,000 miles.

If you find a truck that shows poor mileage, you'd better invest the money in another truck. But will you get good mileage like a new box truck would give you? If you're not sure how many miles a used cargo truck can last, you're in the right place. Commercial trucks such as Freightliner, cargo vans or box trucks are designed to last a long time.