How many locations does budget truck rental have?

Budget truck rental operates through a network of more than 1,600 corporate-owned and dealership locations across the continental United States. Budget is one of the biggest names in moving truck and van rentals. And with nearly 2,600 service points in North America and 30,000 trucks for rent, it's also one of the largest. Chances are, wherever you live in the country, you can find a Budget truck to rent for your move.

One of the most common complaints Budget customers have is that the company doesn't guarantee reservations, almost no truck rental company does. There are 47 states and territories in the U.S. Department of State with Budget Truck Rental locations. These states and territories do not have a Budget Truck Rental branch.

While many moving truck rental companies allow you to pay a little extra for unlimited miles, Budget only offers limited-mile plans. One branch for every 325,424 people, accounting for approximately 9% of the total number of Budget Truck Rental locations. One branch for every 589,731 people, accounting for approximately 10% of the total number of Budget Truck Rental locations. In addition to the sizes of moving trucks listed in the table above, Budget rents pickup trucks of various sizes.

With such a wide variety of truck rental companies to choose from, your research should also include information on features and terms, as well as cost. While all truck rental companies may look quite similar, there are a number of big differences between them, and it's important that you gather as much information as you can before making a decision. In the 2000 United States presidential election, a Budget Truck Rental vehicle was used to deliver ballots from Palm Beach, Florida, to Tallahassee, Florida. Size-wise, the 12-foot-long Budget rental truck is enough for approximately one or two rooms in your standard-size one-bedroom apartment.

Budget's two largest trucks also come with convenient loading ramps that make it easy to transport heavy furniture inside the truck. One branch for every 630,347 people, accounting for approximately 6% of the total number of Budget Truck Rental locations. For example, SLI won't protect you if you operate your truck in a way that violates your rental agreement.