Are penske trucks nicer than uhaul?

Penske is a great option for anyone who values high-quality trucks and doesn't mind paying a higher cost for better quality. U-Haul is a better choice for anyone interested in more affordable trucks and services that fit DIY moving options. Are Penske trucks nicer than Uhaul trucks? Yes, and they have some advantages over the former. Penske uses new trucks every two years instead of used trucks.

Their trucks are safer and equipped with non-slip wooden floors to prevent damage to goods during transport. You can also chat with customer service representatives online. This is especially practical if you need to move your vehicle from one state to another. Both Penske and Uhaul are at the top of the game when it comes to truck rental services, but there are still differences between them.

The first and most obvious is cost. In comparison, U-Haul discounts are much scarcer and it doesn't advertise specific discounts for truck rentals. Most websites will recommend the size of a truck based on the number of rooms, so a 16-foot moving truck should be enough for a two-bedroom house. Penske stands out in the moving industry because, unlike other truck rental companies, Penske offers unlimited mileage for all one-way transfers.

While U-Haul technically offers more services than Penske, these additional services are more or less superfluous if all you want from your moving truck company is a reliable moving truck with coverage. Their rates may seem a little high at first, but you should know that Penske Truck Rental follows a transparent pricing policy. The best part about U-Haul is that all of their trucks (including the smallest truck included) can be used to tow a vehicle. However, we like that Penske includes truck-specific discounts on its site, because it allows customers to know what to order when renting their trucks.

Budget is one of the most popular truck rental companies that guarantee affordable rates by offering a wide range of discounts. We collected about 30 quotes from both companies to calculate these costs, but there are many factors that can influence the rental price of your moving truck. Penske truck rental offers a large fleet and has good availability, although you may need to go up or down a size if you don't book the vehicle well in advance. You can always change your mind and choose to move containers instead of rental trucks when you choose U-Haul.

As a result, a long-distance move is much cheaper with a U-Haul rental truck compared to a local move. This doesn't mean you'll always find the right size of a rental truck at every U-Haul location.