Are budget trucks reliable?

However, these are only averages and Budget can sometimes have the best rates available for long-distance moves, as it did for this move from Iowa to Texas. The bottom line is that you should always get quotes from multiple companies. For example, SLI won't protect you if you operate your truck in a way that violates your rental agreement. Budget truck rental has been offering its moving services to residents of the United States for the past 56 years.

Budget's two largest trucks also come with convenient loading ramps that make it easy to transport heavy furniture inside the truck. The cost of Budget Truck Rental insurance will vary depending on the distance you travel, the size of the truck, the value of your belongings, and other factors. Or, split and compare instant quotes online from all types of different moving companies, including DIY truck rental companies, container moving and storage companies, and full-service moving companies. Like most truck rental companies, Budget's process for planning local or long-distance transportation is standard.

I made my truck reservation 2 months in advance and when it was time to pick it up, I was given the old broken truck that didn't meet the code. Of course, you'll pick up the rental truck near your starting point and drop it off near your final destination, so you'll choose two different Budget locations. In addition, moving truck rental companies are quite well known for advertising low base rates and then increasing the final cost with hidden fees. First of all, if you get unlimited miles from Budget Truck Rental or a per-mile rate on your quote, you can make a big difference.

Only you know what your move requires and what you need from a moving company, so you're the only one who can decide if Budget Truck Rental is the right choice. You should be able to get insurance quotes along with your truck rental quote when you book your move. In addition to the sizes of moving trucks listed in the table above, Budget rents pickup trucks of various sizes. Before making any decision about which moving company to hire based on price, you should talk to representatives from Budget and other truck rental companies to get personalized quotes with additional insurance costs, fees, and other add-ons included.

One of the most common complaints Budget customers have is that the company doesn't guarantee reservations, almost no truck rental company does. Joe Shmo's ideas are truly valuable when choosing a rental truck when it comes to your local Budget dealer.